FAQs Remembrance Cards

A Special Memento produced for you in our premises in Donegal Town

Create a special memento of your loved one with our personalised high-quality, full colour memorial cards and bookmarks featuring traditional or contemporary designs.

Memorial cards and bookmarks can be fully personalised with a colour photo of your loved one, other photos and your own words, poems or prayers.

Your special memento will be printed in high quality on card and gloss laminated in your choice of the sizes displayed.

We also offer matt lamination as an option.

Acknowledgement cards and thank‑you cards with your choice of wording and optional photos are printed on high quality standard matt card suitable for signing or adding a personal note if you wish. These are not laminated.

Are my memorial cards laminated?
Yes, all Memorial Cards, Wallet Memorials, Bookmark Memorials and Lifetime Memory Cards produced by Donegal Memorials are laminated as standard with a high quality gloss laminate. Thank You Cards and Acknowledgement Cards are not laminated as standard. If you would prefer a matt laminate this is available at no extra charge – please specify that you want this in the “Special Requests” box.
Do memorial cards come with envelopes?
Yes, all Memorial Cards from Donegal Memorials come with free envelopes which are sized to fit either memorial cards or bookmarks as appropriate.
How much is postage

We offer free delivery within the Republic of Ireland. Postage to Northern Ireland, UK and Europe costs €10 and to all other countries worldwide the cost is €15. If convenient, you can also collect from our office which is centrally located in Donegal Town.

Is the card used from a sustainable source?
Yes, all the card used by Donegal Memorials is certified by the Forestry Standards Council (FSC) to be from sustainably managed forests where more new trees are planted than are cut to produce card.
Do you have any pictures of Donegal that I can use on my memorials?
Yes, we have a selection of pictures of various locations around County Donegal suitable for use on all styles of memorial cards. You can also supply your own photo(s) which we will be happy to use. There is no extra charge for this.
Can I use my own pictures rather than the ones on your site?
Yes, we are happy to use your supplied photos for any of the front, back and inside images. There is no extra charge for this.
Can I use my own verses or prayers rather than the ones on your site?
Yes, we are happy to use a verse or prayer which you would like on the memorial cards if none of our suggested verses are quite what you want. There is no extra charge for this.
Is it possible to get more of a memorial card which has been already ordered?

Yes, we often find that customers need some extra memorials when they go through the process of sending them out. For this reason, we keep all ordered memorial cards on file for a few months after the initial order.

Many customers like to include an extra 10 or 20 memorial cards with their initial order. Doing this can help ensure that you will not have a shortfall when it comes to sending them to your circle of family, friends and neighbours, and the cost will be lower than if you need to freshly re-order a small quantity. We are very happy to quote you for any additional cards you feel may be required – just ask at the time of ordering.

How long does it take to get memorial cards?

We normally will have a proof sent to you within 2-3 working days of your initial order. If there are no changes to the proof then, once you finalise the order, it will take around 4 days to print, laminate and dispatch your order.

If the anniversary of your loved one’s passing is approaching, be sure to allow time for your order to be completed.

What payment methods do you offer?
We require payment with your order and accept Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Google Pay all of which are processed though our secure payment facility which is operated by Stripe.
How many memorial cards should I order?
You should take into account the number of sympathy cards etc which you have received following the loss of your loved one. We always recommend that you order a few more cards than you think you need as people often underestimate how many they may need and while you can re-order additional cards it is less expensive to order these with the initial order.
What is a proof?

A proof is a paper or emailed sample of the layout and design of the memorial card or other item(s) you have ordered.
Proofs are supplied to allow customers to confirm that the details supplied by them have been correctly reproduced.
Any errors made by Donegal Memorials in the production of a proof will be corrected free of charge.
However, if at the proof stage additions are made by the customer to the text, photos etc. originally supplied, or if the design or layout are changed from that initially discussed, extra charges may be incurred.
Charges may be applied if second or subsequent proofs are requested.
Please ensure that you check the final proof carefully as errors or omissions discovered subsequently will not be the responsibility of Donegal Memorials.

Can I get a different size of memorial card?
Our standard sizes for Folded Memorial Cards, Wallet Memorial Cards, Bookmark Memorials and Thank You Cards are the most popular and are also related to available standard sizes of envelopes. We are happy to accommodate non-standard sizes should you wish, however there will be an additional charge for non-standard sizes and also these may be restricted by the sizes of envelopes which are available.
Can the photo of my loved one appear on the right hand page instead?
Yes, this is an available option, please specify that you would like this in the “Special Requests” box. There is no extra charge for this option.